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DIABETEC – individual orthotics for diabetics

DIABETEC back on your feet

The health concept for the diabetic foot

82 of our partners joined the successful concept of the IETEC-combine, even 10 of them are situated abroad (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria). The aim of this concept is to help the diabetic patients in preserving their usual quality of life and their individual mobility as well as in protecting their feet and therefore preventing them from serious consequential damage.


The IETEC-combine consists of orthopedic technicians, who often set an emphasis on shoes. Since 1996 the combine and further clinics or research institutions are permanently and intensively developing and researching in order to prevent the consequences of the diabetic foot syndrome. Another aim of their work is the therapy of patients to avoid the worst case: the amputation of body parts or even a leg.


The DIABETEC concept is a treatment based on biomechanics. It contains at least two plantar electronic pressure measurements (pre / post), a 2-D imprint and a 3-D record of the foot. All of them are the preconditions of the modern CAD/CAM based manufacture of an individual and diabetes adapted custom-moulded orthotic. The custom-moulded orthotics that specifically relieve pressure can be worn in diabetes safety shoes as well as in custom-made shoes and bata-adapt safety shoes. The quality management is quite strict.



What is the connection between diabetes and feet?

8 million people suffering from diabetes are living in Germany at the moment. Most of them don´t know about the consequences of this disease on their feet. Anyway on behalf of their chronic and bad metabolism those people have to fear the consequences after 10 years » More ...