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Das DIABETEC Konzept

The DIABETEC concept is a concept for the foot care with an own quality management system for the diabetic foot. 72 orthopedic businesses spread all over Germany use and take part in this proven cooperation concept.


This concept has been developed in several years of research with well-known clinics and institutes. It offers an optimal, effective care for the diabetic foot – both for the prophylaxis and the therapy of foot lesions. An early use of different measuring and analyses techniques as well as the following care with individual, computer-based and diabetic adapted soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics (CAD/CAM- and PUR-assisted) allows an exact recording and controlling of the damaging pressures underneath the plantar side of the foot. A result is that those pressure points can be prevented to a large extent. The patient´s quality of life can be enhanced enormously.


The DIABETEC concept, a biomechanics assisted treatment method enables a targeted pressure release on the diabetic foot, which itself is loaded with pressure, impact and shear forces. It also provides an exact control of the effect of the therapy. » Read more ...