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Occupational safety

In question of the occupational safety the individual soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics can be used either for prevention or therapy, especially for people with the diabetic foot syndrome. The standards of the Medical Devices and the occupational safety are complied in connection with the Bata-adapt concept.

Details of the orthotics

  • Within the topic of occupational safety both of the orthotics, the DIABETEC prevention and the DIABETEC therapy take an important role because of their different properties in pressure relief and pressure distribution. At the same time those orthotics are adapted to the higher requirements of the workplace. The insole in the forefoot is thick 13mm in order to achieve a better pressure.
  • As an addition we offer the certificated Bata-safety shoe. This shoe is marked by a very large volume and takes it place next to the orthotic concerning the concept for occupational safety shoes.
  • Other possibilities are the manufacturing of a sole or heel heightening up to 3cm, heightening of the sole´s edge or of the rolls at the ball of the foot, the middle foot or the toes, as well as of the butterfly soles or various heel changes.
  • The level for the diabetes orthotic is the so called “Bata-adapt occupational safety shoe level 4”.