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DIABETEC Prevention

These patented soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics serve to prevent consequences of the diabetic foot syndrome and prevent the foot´s overloading. Overloading mostly occurs when having an increasing cornea formation on special spots underneath the sole. Those cornea spots often represent the early form of foot wounds. .

Details of the orthotics

  • An additional heightening in the middle foot area can be managed by a basic element that is stabile in its form. A macro-relief can be achieved for heal and forefoot.
  • The especially soft damping layer implies a micro-relief in the forefoot, particularly in the metatarsal head and the toes.
  • Usual shear movements while walking normally induce to abrasion points at a diabetic foot. The neoprene layer in the orthotic prevents those points.
  • The orthotic can be worn in manufacture or safety shoes.