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The DIABETEC sports custom-moulded orthotic saves the patients that suffers from diabetic but not yet from the diabetic foot syndrome, from damages that can be caused by overloading while running or walking (such like problems in the knee or Achilles tendon). Sports itself have a positive impact on the diabetic´s metabolism and therefore to do sports is important for preserving the health.

Details of the orthotics

  • This kind of orthotic is a combination of DIABETEC prevention and movecontrol Running.
  • Because of its globular form at the heel, the heel itself can be perfectly moved and therefore get more relief in the middle and on the other hand more emphasis on the edges. At the same time a better damping can be achieved. The foot´s natural rolling motion is promoted.
  • Moreover the orthotic shows a macro-relief in the heel and the whole forefoot as well as an additional micro-relief in the forefoot, especially in the metatarsal head and the toes.
  • The orthotics can be used in sports shoes according to diabetic guidelines with a lot more of space and softer material at the ankle.



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