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These individual diabetic soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics help to therapy the patient that suffers from diabetic foot syndrome. It prevents foot wounds.

Details of the orthotics

  • High dimensional stability and permanent effect of pressure reduction (proven by the Impactor Test that was developed by the biomechanical institute of the German Sports University in Cologne)
  • You can be sure to have a permanent effect.
  • To produce the diabetic orthotic in an anatomic correct way, a combination of different elastic and stable foam material is used. This allows a punctual relief of highly endangered foot regions.
  • The special material properties with various degrees of hardness enable an individual focus on the patient`s movement intensity, mobility and weight.
  • People can use the orthotics in safety shoes or orthopedic custom-made shoes as well as with open wounds in therapy shoes or with confectioned orthosis.