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Foot care


The DIABETEC concept, a biomechanics assisted treatment method enables a targeted pressure release on the diabetic foot, which itself is loaded with pressure, impact and shear forces. It also provides an exact control of the effect of the therapy afterwards. The effect on the pressure release is been precisely recorded and documented.


The production of soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics takes place on the basis of this computer-assisted measuring and analysis methods as well as with the help of the latest CAD/CAM- and PUR-technologies. Every orthotic on the other side is produced on the patient´s specific requirements. Depending on the intensity, mobility and body weight, the material properties and the strength can be adapted individually on the patient´s foot situation.


The DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic is suitable for diabetic adapted safety and manufacture shoes, Bata-adapted occupational safety shoes as well as for individual orthopedic custom-made shoes. Patients with open foot wounds or a partial amputation on the foot can be treated with special therapeutic shoes or orthosis.


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Regular controls of the foot´s situation and of the effect of the pressure release in the orthotics help to diminish foot lesions.

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