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An extract of the brochure „The diabetic foot syndrome“ by Dr. med. Karl Zink


High pressure leads to hard skin and calluses and as they themselves cause pressure again the vicious circle cannot be broken. Long nails hurt the neighbor ones and even the bed of a nail can be lifted or abscesses be created underneath while having permanent contact with the shoes.


Because of these reasons a regular and correct pedicure done by a podologist is necessary. Patients with neuropathia or circulary disorder can be sent to a treatment on prescription – known as a callus or nail treatment or a complex treatment, which includes both of the first mentioned. Your health insurance company bears the costs excluded the bill for the prescription and the deductible. The employees know about a podologist in your hometown.


We recommend you to stop doing the treatment by yourself by the time your eyes are getting weak or your mobility is restricted.


To make the skin smooth you should take care of your feet with special foot products.