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Polyneuropathia (PNP)

The damage of nerves (polyneuropathia) causes complaints such like tickling, formicating or pain on the one hand and loss of sensation or pain on the other hand.


There is no known medication for healing. The only result medication can achieve is the relief of pain, cramps or indisposition. To avoid a so called “pain memory” an early treatment of the pain is recommended. Some patients profit from physical methods e.g. TEN (the transcutaneous electrical stimulation of nerves) or the high tone therapy.


Due to the polyneuropathia you don´t sense the bad extern impact on your foot. Not suitable shoes are the first reason for that. You are no longer able to feel the difference between good or bad fitting shoes and therefore you often buy shoes that are two sizes too small.


With those shoes you get the normal feeling of wearing a shoe or better you think they perfectly fit. On the reverse the shoe with the correct size is abandoned, because you think you are slipping too much. But, the small shoe causes wounds you are not even noticing. The following shoes are the main triggers for wounds:


  • slippers
  • non lace-up shoe
  • health shoe sandal, flip-flop
  • shoes with loose insolses
  • shoes that are too tight and short
  • safety shoes with steel toe caps


Further damaging influences are heat impacts on the foot, such like burns with a hot water bottle or even improperly pedicure.