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Pressure release

An extract of the brochure „The diabetic foot syndrome“ by Dr. med. Karl Zink


If you want them to heal, the wounds must face a complete pressure release. Only by going to the toilet only once or twice a night – without using your orthotic aid – your wound will hardly or even not heal


 Different types of aid:

  • Shoes made of bandages; they are places either between or on the toes or on the arch of the foot
  • Shoes that offer release for the wounds on the foot sole
  • Ready-made orthotics (similar to plastic boots)
  • Special made and single fitting orthotics
  • Treatment with a plaster


If there aren´t any circulatory disorder, the best way to heal the wounds is to put them into a plaster.


Because of their different height of supply in the left and right foot a lot of tools have the effect of limping. That itself may cause back, hip or knee complaints.


To avoid limping, it is reasonable to heighten the shoe on the other side – differences in the leg´s length can be equalized by that trick. Remember that it is forbidden to drive a car with those aids. Always ask someone to give you a ride to the doctor´s.


Another point is to check which obstacles do exist in your apartment or on the way into it. Who takes care of your housekeeping? Who is the one that does the grocery? Consider to use a wheelchair for at least some time. You temporarily may get it on a prescription.