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Diabetic adapted soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic

High dimensional stability and permanent effect of the pressure release

DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotics are specially designed to the diabetic patient´s demands (intensity, mobility and body weight). Special material properties and strength of the DIABETEC special foam allow the individual adaption on the patient´s needs. Even extreme and permanent burden do not deform the orthotic. Its effect remains.


The DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic is produced in a so called “sandwich procedure”: at least three different materials are used. The first one is an individual-made relief element that helps to distribute the pressure. The second one is an individual-made layer out of a highly and permanent elastic special damping foam that reliefs the pressure and considers as well the body weight. And the third one is a hygienic, skin-friendly and shear force reducing cover with a flexible damping layer underneath.


Depending on the patient´s condition and complaints, additional relief areas can be lathered into the orthotic. This possibility guarantees an excellent pressure release of highly threatened parts of the foot.


The DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic is suitable for diabetic adapted safety and manufacture shoes, individual orthopedic-made shoes, and diabetic-met sneakers as well as for Bata-adapted occupational safety shoes. Patients with open foot wounds or a partial amputation on the foot can be treated with special therapeutic shoes or orthosis.