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What is the connection between diabetes and feet?

8 million people suffering from diabetes are living in Germany at the moment. Most of them don´t know about the consequences of this disease on their feet. Anyway on behalf of their chronic and bad metabolism those people have to fear the consequences after 10 years:

The diabetic foot syndrome is one of them – an open wound that hardly can heal. The Ulcus is the worst case of this syndrome, which may lead to an amputation.


Because of a „polyneuropathia“ (PNP) the peripheral nerves in legs and feet are getting damaged, which leads to a disturbed sensation of pain. Bad posture while walking or pressure points because of tight shoes or even trifle injuries can´t be noticed.


The peripheral arterial occlusion (PAO) may cause the damage of a whole tissue. Legs and feet are with poor circulation; even small wounds can´t be heal anymore. 


In case diabetics suffer from PNP and PAO, they won´t notice an inflammation in the toes or at the foot anymore. Bacteria can spread all over the tissue in the leg. The worse circulation is the reason for the slow healing.


Injuries in bones or joints that are caused by micro fractures and a disturbed metabolism, lead to the charcot-foot (DNOAP – diabetic neuropathic Osteoarthropatia). The foot skeleton can be partial or even entirely destroyed. Extensive abscesses with bacterial infections may occur.