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DIABETEC measuring techniques

Druckverteilungsmessung vorher  Druckverteilungsmessung nachher

Measuring of the pressure distribution (pedography)

The dynamic measuring of the pressure distribution works with a sole that includes an electronic sensor. This sole is put into a “neutral shoe”. Special software allows the analysis of the pressure underneath the sole. A control measuring is done when the patient comes to get his DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic. Therefore the expert can give an exact pre and after comparison and the effect of the pressure release will be exactly recorded and documented.

2D Scan  Fußabdruck

2D-imprint of the foot

The 2D-imprint, taken with the help of Podoview, is a photographic representation of the sole. Together with the dynamic measuring of the pressure distribution this imprint is part of the two-dimensional construction of the DIABETEC soft-foam custom-moulded orthotic. The imprint allows the view on the specialties like cornea, scars and other threatened area.

3D Scan  3D Abdruck

3D-digitalization of the foot

An exact imprint of the foot in a half-burdened situation is taken by means of step foam. This foam imprint is been precisely recorded with the help of a 3D-digitializer. It serves as the base of the following CAD-construction.