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DIABETEC foot care concept with a quality management system

Certificated after DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the law for medication EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 and an additional GVH-seal of approval

Together with 72 DIABETEC partners, spread all over Germany, we use the uniform standards of structure, process and result quality, that are defined in the DIABETEC quality standards in the DIABETEC quality management system. The aim of the permanent developing cooperation´s concept is the guaranteed care safety combined with a high customer satisfaction and a noticeable increase of the diabetic patient´s quality of life.


About 8 million diabetics are living in Germany (The doctor´s paper from 18.01.2011). The direct costs for their treatment are estimated on more than 30 billion Euros per year. The majority of that amount is uses for the diabetic foot, one of the most serious implications of this disease.


The DIABETEC foot care concept sets new standards in the supply of diabetic patients. It offers new possibilities in the prophylaxis and therapy of diabetic foot lesions. The early use of this measuring and analysis technique helps to avoid amputations and to increase the patient´s quality of life. Another positive effect is the reduction of medical costs. The concept meets all requirements that are written in the law for medication and complies with the demands of the DDG (Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft - the German diabetic society) that are set on the base of the St. Vincent Declaration of the WHO (World Health Organization).


Constructing diabetic adapted orthotics, one has to consider the various kinds of anatomy and biomechanics as well as the pathology of the diabetic foot, especially its extreme sensibility to pressure burden. The knowledge of research and development form the basis for the supply of each single patient. Concerning the specific needs the individual diabetic adapted orthotics can be produced with the latest CAD/CAM- and PUR-technologies.