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DIABETEC Research and Development

DIABETEC – tested for many years – permanent effective

A continuous research and development work has been done since 1992. The permanent aim of improving the DIABETEC products has been to solve the diabetes patients` foot problems. Reliable and long-living connections with research institutes and clinics have been tied. Those institutions make a significant contribution to the permanent improvement of the DIABETEC products - they prove their effect:


Little relapse-percentage

Clinical studies confirm the reduction of getting ulcer while wearing DIABETEC custom-moulded orthotics: only 30% of the patients suffer from open foot ulcer again.


Uniquely effect of pressure release

Our DIABETEC partners validate, with the help of regular patients´ analyses, the effect of pressure relief of the DIABETEC custom-moulded orthotic. The pre and after comparison confirm the fewer callus formation and therefore a lower risk of ulcus.


Permanent effective material

Modifications of material after the endurance test Modifications of material after the endurance test
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+ Only little deformation
   after the DIABETEC standard
- Severe deformation
  with material containing ethylenvinyl


The quality of DIABETEC custom-moulded orthotics is guaranteed with the help of intern material controls and tests. The Impactor test, a simulation testing, has been developed by the by the biomechanical institute of the German Sports University in Cologne, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baumann. It offers stable material properties. Even new and further developments in the use